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  1. Miscreated
  2. ARK - Extinction PVP
  3. Ark - Survival PVP
  1. HUN created [KSQS.EU] server [HIGH LOOT][UFAST nights][PVP]
  2. 18.01 HUN/ENG PVP T20 H20 XP20 Extinction ORP2 NEW!
  3. ![PVP][24.01][HUN][ENG][T2H1-5XP2][ORP2][WIPED]
  4. [KSQS.eu] Exile|Missions|MassAIPatrol|VGarage|Revive|HugeArsenal


    Logs don't lie. Nothing will be hidden forever. Admin have zero tolerance againt cheating, or exploit (play out bugs of the game). It earns instantly BAN from the server without negotiation.
  2. Kepp your TABS safe!
    In a locker you can keep 150K tabs. Or you should keep 500K tabs in a safekit at your base. Multiple safekit equals n*500K.
  3. ZCP
    Capture Point is an interactive base capture event, where you must capture and dominate the territory and hold it for 5 minitues againts incoming wave of AI soldiers and players too. If you won the event, you have 10 minitues to loot thecrate and move away with the vehicle. After 10 minitues, the capture point will be blown away with a bomber plane.
  4. Radiation zone
    You need an Exile Gas Mask to survive the radiation.
  5. Virtual Garage
    Use a virtual garage to your vehicles, to hide them in safe. So other players cant blow 'em up if you're hiding them into it. At your base, in the radius of your territory press 6, choose --> more ---> virtual garage to store or fetch 'em. Your vehicles will spawn on the exact same spot where you hide it. So beware to fetch 2 or more vehicles in the same time at th same spot, because they will blown up eac other!
  6. Raid a base
    All doors are able to be lockpicked with a knife. Or you can make breaching charges to get yourself in blowing up a wall. All containers are raidable too. You can rig your safe with explosives againt thieves, but with a minedetector, it could be defused (with chance).
  7. Shipwreck loot crate
    Loot crates are able to mount onto "yellow" or better quality boats (SDVs). Crates within 10m depth able to mount on ships, under that you need an SDV for that. Bring the crate to the shore, unmount it and loot 'em. Around 50-70K items are inside. 50% chance for a knife!
  8. IMS Mission
    Interactive mission got clues how to do it. Hack a computer, blown up things etc. The loot crate of it has got multiple weapons 30K TABS and 2 Knife!

Ark Survival Evolved

Our team plays with the ARK SE too. Basicly we do this on our PVP servers without any rules. The main concept is just to avoid greifing our trolling to make an entertaining, enjoyable good game with our customizations ..

From an outter reason Ark ingame browser not listing this server. Because of that, WE'RE MOVING to another stabil, tried out and a perfect working server.
It means the server adress changes ...
The name will be the same: 18.01 HUN/ENG PVP T20 H20 XP20 Extinction ORP2 NEW! The ip: PORTS ARE: 7977, 27215
ALL YOUR STUFF (Base, dinos, etc ...) Will be saved and upload to the new server.

The moving will be @ 24:00 TODAY (01.25)! CET All both servers will be online until friday,
but the old server's name changes to
18.01 HUN/ENG PVP T20 H20 XP20 Extinction ORP2 OLD!


Not much talk about yet.

We have a 100 slot server here ... :)


! [02.05][PVP][FastNights][ENG][H5XP5]

We're a bunch of players whom tried and played, plays several games with.
Then we tired to search for the best server settings and we made one.
One for this, one for that ...
... now we've got a couple of game servers with our "taste" to
​everybody who likes it!
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